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Buy a Business: Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent vs Purchase Contract Would you like to save some time and expense? Most people – including buyers and sellers of businesses – would. One way to do that is to initiate negotiations for acquiring a business by using a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) rather than a contract

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Yes, this is a business blog and, yes, this is Monday, the day that I always post to the blog about some aspect of selling, buying or financing a business. But it’s Christmas. I think we can dispense with business today and spend time with

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Outside Forces Impact the Value of Your Business

Outside Forces Effect the Value of Your Business While – as I’ve written in several previous posts – there are many things you can do to increase and maintain the optimum value of your business, those efforts are sometimes offset by events that are not always under the business owner’s

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Selling vs. Closing Your Business?

Should You Close Your Business? To a business broker, that’s a ridiculous question! In almost 100% of the cases, you should sell your business, even it is not profitable. Why? Because it almost certainly has value – and by closing the business, you’re walking away from that value. Should you

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Selling Your Business? First, Build It’s Value!

What Drives Business Value? Well, net income, of course, as well as growth prospects. But there are many other drivers of business value and business owners that don’t pay attention to these “value drivers” will suffer when it comes time to sell their business; and that time will come, sooner

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