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What does the Worldwide Business Brokers’ “Course Certified” designation mean?

It means that the business broker who displays this emblem has completed a comprehensive, deep-dive course encompassing more than 50 lectures over five modules in how to correctly value, market and successfully sell businesses. 

That course, “Learn How to Value and Successfully Sell Businesses”, was developed by the principals of Worldwide Business Brokers and is based on both the in-house training programs we’ve used since 2001 to train the professional brokers in the Worldwide Business Brokers network and the training our founder received  over many years from the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), the industry’s governing body.

This “Course Certified” emblem denotes a professional – someone who has been trained to provide the highest level of service to business owners and business buyers in the sale and purchase of small and mid-size businesses – businesses with annual revenue of up to roughly $30 million. It signifies someone who is backed by the more than 20 years of business valuation and brokerage experience that imbues the Worldwide Business Brokers training and support programs.

The Course was initially developed by Joe Caffrey, the founder of Worldwide Business Brokers and a Certified Business Intermediary – CBI – a designation awarded by the IBBA. The CBI certification is a means of identifying business brokers who have consistently shown a commitment to their profession and have demonstrated competency and experience in the field. The CBI designation is awarded only to qualifying business brokers. There are fewer than 500 CBIs in the world.

Business Brokerage is a specialized career requiring specific knowledge, training, skills and expertise. A business broker displaying the “Course Certified” symbol is a professional backed by a company of other professionals who have been advising business owners and business buyers for more than two decades.