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Depending on the data source (SBA, FTC, etc.), there are between 28 million and 30 million small businesses – as defined by the US government as having fewer than 500 employees – in the United States. Between 6 million and 7 million of these have employees. (The other 22-23 million are set up so that there are no employees. Examples of such everyday businesses are real estate brokerages, business and financial consultants, general contractors, some medical and dental practices, etc., in which all participants are treated as “independent contractors” and issued 1099 forms at the end of the year rather than W-2 forms. These are still business that can – and will – be sold, of course.) Also according to the SBA and FTC, businesses turn over, on average, every 4.9 years. This means that at any given moment, more than FIVE MILLION businesses – 20% of the total – for sale just in the United States alone. If you think about it for a moment, five thousand brokers is not nearly enough.

As business slows or restructures around the world, thousands of potential small business buyers are entering the market through layoffs and downsizing. For these potential buyers, many of them middle age and from middle management, jobs are scarce and the future uncertain. These buyers scan the career horizon and realize that, even if they are lucky enough to find a new job in a shrinking market, they may well face this same situation again sometime in the near future. These buyers have two basic options. They can start a new business or buy an existing business or franchise. New business start-ups have a historically high failure rate, making the purchase of an existing business a much more prudent course of action. A Worldwide Business Broker, with access to large inventories of businesses for sale and networked with other Worldwide Business Brokers around the globe, is perfectly situated to provide the services these business buyers desperately need.

We offer complete start up assistance, training and support, a proprietary data package intranet, logos, artwork, an online network and years of experience in the executive business of selling businesses from $250,000 to $20,000,000. For a list of Frequently Asked Questions and a discussion of what it’s like to be a business broker, click here.

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