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Learn How to Value and SUCCESSFULLY
Sell Businesses

An intense training program at the completion of which participants will be able to value most businesses in the $250,000 to $25 million valuation range and know how to market and successfully sell those businesses.

This training program was developed based on our more than 20 years in the business brokering trenches.

The program is comprised of five modules, each containing between six and 12 lectures. Included is a weekly online Q&A session open to all participants. Recognizing that participants may be many time zones apart, these Q&A sessions are recorded and links to the recordings are sent within one hour of the live session’s conclusion to all who register for the session.

It Works Like This

The program has a limited number of “seats” at any given time to keep the weekly live Q&A sessions manageable.

The training can be done at your own pace.

In structuring the lectures, we’ve tried to keep in mind that participants have other responsibilities that require their time and we have limited the length of the lectures to between 20 and 45 minutes. Although we planned this as a 30-day program, participants can move through it more quickly, as their time permits.

Lectures include screenshots to illustrate the subject matter, downloadable examples of worksheets we use, related PDF documents, transcripts of the lecture’s audio – and may include a video – all inside the lecture. At the end of each module we recap and review the important points of that module.

We do a deep dive into each of the topics we discuss and, as you’re progressing through each module, participants are encouraged to submit questions in advance of the weekly live online sessions during which they will be addressed.

“Thanks, Joe and a lot of great information! I’m really enjoying the class.” 

– David G., Association Executive (United States)

What You’ll Learn

The five-module course is outlined below, including descriptions of sample lectures.

Introduction to Business Brokering (Understanding what we do.)
(12 Lectures)

Sample lectures:

  • How to get started
  • The pros and cons of specializing
  • The size of the market
  • Working with other brokers

Finding Businesses to Sell
(7 Lectures)

Sample lectures:

  • How to get known as an expert
  • The nuances of networking
  • How to use direct mail, snail mail and email
  • Getting the listing agreement signed

Valuing Businesses: Part 1
(This is a revenue-generator in itself!)
(6 Lectures)

Sample lectures:

  • Introduction to valuing businesses
  • What is the “Most Probable Selling Price”?
  • What are “Discretionary Earnings”?
  • What documentation is needed

Valuing Businesses: Part 2
(10 Lectures)

Sample lectures:

  • Recasting financial statements
  • How to account for inventory
  • Valuations as a stand-alone revenue generator
  • Multiple case studies from our files

Finding and Working With Buyers
(11 Lectures)

Sample lectures:

  • How to establish a price
  • Identifying the types of buyers
  • The two most useful marketing tools
  • Getting the deals financed

Ongoing Support

We know that, just because you’ve completed all the modules, you may not be 100% confident that you can hit the streets and start selling businesses! So, for anyone that completes the program, we include three months of access to our weekly live online Q&A sessions during which we answer questions sent in by anyone that has taken or is taking the course. We want to make sure that during your first few months brokering the sale of businesses you have the support you need to be successful. And beyond that, you can sign up for as many additional weeks – or one-on-one coaching – as you like.

By the time you’re midway through Module 3, you’ll have enough information to begin offering business valuation and brokerage services.

We offer two different programs: “Do it Yourself” and “We Do It With You”.

Do it Yourself

Learn at your own pace but you also get to join the weekly Q&A sessions for the 12 weeks after enrollment.

We Do it With You!

Learn at your own pace, join the weekly Q&A sessions plus get six months of weekly coaching calls, One-on-One email and phone access to us on any aspect of the course or any deal and access to all the forms we use for listing, marketing and selling businesses. (Limited to 25 participants.)


Course Name and Description




Intro to Business Brokering

  • How our courses are structured, what you’ll learn and who our course are for. In addition, a description of

Realtors, business consultants, accountants,
new business brokers


Getting Started in Business Brokering

  • Going solo or joining a firm
  • Should you specialize?
  • Main Street vs Middle Market Business
  • How Big is Our Market?
  • What to Charge?
  • Co-brokering
  • Licenses: Do You Need One?

Realtors, business consultants, accountants,
new business brokers


How to Find Listings

  • Characteristics of Sellers
  • Getting Known as “The Expert”
  • Networking: Groups You Should Join
  • Marketing Your Service
  • Using Online Databases
  • Getting the Listing

Realtors, business consultants, accountants, new business brokers


How to Value a Business (Pt 1): Discretionary Earnings

  • Why All Owners Need a Periodic Valuation
  • What Are Discretionary Earnings?
  • How to Calculate Discretionary Earnings
  • What Documents are Necessary?
  • Case Study #1: Truck Stop
  • Case Study #2: Fabrication and Wholesale Company

Realtors, business consultants, accountants, new business brokers, business owners, buyers of businesses


How to Value a Business (Pt2): The Valuation

  • Recasting Financial Statements
  • The Many Methods of Valuing a Business
  • Reconciling Results
  • How to Treat Inventory and FF&E
  • Case Study #1: Restaurant and Night Club
  • Case Study #2: Wholesale and Distribution Company

Realtors, business consultants, accountants, new business brokers, business owners, buyers of businesses


How to Package and Market a Business

  • Price vs Value
  • Types of Buyers
  • The Two BEST Marketing Tools
  • Finding Buyers
  • Confidentiality
  • Educating the Buyer
  • Financing the Deal

Realtors, business consultants, accountants, new business brokers, business owners.


Selling an Online or Virtual Business

How To Value Real Estate in a Business Sale

Selling a Franchise Business

Your First Year as a Business Broker

  • The First 30 Days: What to Do
  • The First Six Months: Where You Should Be
  • 12 Months In: What You Should Be Doing

REALTORS Add Business Brokering to Your Practice

  • Why REALTORS Are Logical Business Brokers
  • The size of the market
  • Commission rates

How to Start a Business

How to Value a Business’ Future Earnings

  • Using Projections
  • Legitimate vs Ghost Earnings
  • Calculating Future Earnings
  • Discounting and Discount Rates

Bundles and Packages at Discount

How to Value Businesses

  • Courses 103 and 104

How to Value, Price and Package a Business for Sale

  • Courses 103, 104 and 105

Flagship Course Bundles

Learn How to Value and Successfully Sell Businesses: The Basic Edition

  • Courses 101, 102, 103, 104 and 105. This Basic Edition of our flagship course is a DIY program and includes 12 weeks of …… Regular price if bought separately: $5,485. A 45% discount if bundled.



Learn How to Value and Successfully Sell Businesses: The Premium Edition – 17% discount

  • This Premium Edition of our flagship course is a “We-Do-It-With-You” version and includes everything in the Basic Program plus….

“Thanks so much, it has been great learning for me and it made me feel fully confident to start offering Business Brokering and Valuation services. Your availability and support have been a key component for me in this process.”

– Ricardo Q., Business Consultant (El Salvador)

The Question of Money

We’ve had a couple of people question the cost of this course. Our response is to put the cost into perspective.

First, the course is taught and the weekly live webinars are conducted by a designated CBI, a “Certified Business Intermediary”, a certification awarded by the International Business Brokers Association. There are fewer than 500 CBIs worldwide.

Joe Caffrey
Joseph Caffrey, CBI
Worldwide Business Brokers

Earning a CBI designation requires many dozens of hours of classroom training (and the associated travel and lodging), successfully closing multiple business acquisitions, attendance at multiple national conferences and successfully passing a four-hour comprehensive exam all of which, including travel and lodging, course enrollment fees, conference registration fees and other costs, involve an expenditure well in excess of $20,000.

Second, this quote from Joe Caffrey, president and founder, in 2001, of Worldwide Business Brokers and a Certified Business Intermediary:

“The first business I listed – at just over $1 million – I sold in four months. The commission was $100,000.

“The second business I listed earned me a commission of $76,000.”

“We focus on businesses with valuations of between $250,000 and $25 million. Our ‘sweet spot’ is $500,000 -$10 million. Do the math!”

Considered in these lights, the course fees are an extraordinary bargain.

Ready to get started?

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