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Financing The Business Acquisition

How to Finance a Business Speaking of how to finance a business acquisition, I read an article the other day about a “crisis” in the penal colony down under. Under the headline “Warning SMEs won’t be able to sell their businesses unless access to finance improves”, the article states that

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Selling a Business: Partner Buyout

Selling a Business: Partner Buyout We’ve consulted with many businesses – mature ones and startups – over the years on everything from developing business and marketing plans to expansion strategies and raising capital. One of the most crucial considerations when establishing a business with multiple owners is to develop a

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Selling a Business: What Multiples Matter?

Selling a Business: Using Multiples to Find Value Business owners that are semi-literate about selling a business often come to us with some pretty wild ideas about what their business is worth. Some expect the value of their business to be a “multiple” of something; monthly sales, net income, annual

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Buy a Business: Why Use a Broker

Want to Buy A Business? Use a Business Broker If you want to buy a business, you might consider using a business broker. Why? Well, there are many reasons but let’s clarify a few things before we get started. First, if you are looking for a small, Main Street-type business,

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Business Brokers: Finding the Financing

Show Me The Money! If you’re a business broker – or the buyer or seller of a business – you know that the only way a deal gets done is if the money is found to make it happen. While this topic is broad enough to fill a book (and

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