Become a professional busness broker

Learn to Value, Market and SELL Businesses
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The Market

Professional business brokers are needed now more than ever. There are nearly 29 million small businesses in the U.S., 26 million in the E.U., 2.5 million in Australia, 1.25 million in Canada and millions more around the world.

The Baby Boom generation is starting to hit retirement age at a rate of 10,000 people a day in the U.S alone and the Baby Boomer business sell-off has just begun. It's projected to last for the next 15 years.

Professional business brokers are needed NOW to advise the owners of millions of these businesses and to guide these transactions through to closing.

"Every business that does not fail will eventually be sold."

The Opportunity

Make some REAL money!

Commissions paid to business brokers range between 8% and 12% - sometimes as high as 15%. The majority of our work is with businesses valued at between $500,000 and $10 million.

Do the math. Selling just one $1 million business means a very handsome payday.

"Coming from the corporate world, becoming a business broker was a great move for me. The training, knowledge and resources available to brokers in the Worldwide network are without peer. Help is always just a call or email away. Every day is different and helping buyers and sellers achieve their goals is immensely satisfying.”
– Greg G. Joined the Worldwide Business Brokers network in 2009.

The Program

If you’re serious about becoming a professional business broker, you need to have the basic knowledge that we’ve packaged into an initial four-module program titled The Basic “How-To” of becoming a Business Broker®️.

Each module, comprised of between seven and 12 lectures, addresses one of the four primary aspects of business brokering:

• Introduction to Business Brokering (Understanding what we do.)

• Finding Businesses to Sell

• Valuing Businesses (This is a revenue-generator itself!)

• Finding and Working With Buyers: Getting the Deal Closed.

It Works Like This...

We do a deep dive into each of the topics we discuss and, as you’re progressing through each module, you can submit questions that the instructor will answer during weekly live webinars. As soon as you’re comfortable with one module, you can go on to the next one. Learn at your own pace.

If you want an efficient and inexpensive way to learn how to find businesses to sell, how to value those businesses and how to market and ultimately sell those businesses, this is the course to take.

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